Privileged Account Management Audit

Number of privileged accounts and service accounts is rapidly increasing in ever-growing IT environments. Improper management of these accounts that have several access rights may bring high security risks.. Most of advanced persistent attacks (APT) aim to acquire any privileged account information and organize attacks using these access rights.

Managing passwords for privileged accounts and service accounts properly and recording system access information for future reference contribute greatly to both security management and compliance with standards such as ISO 27001.

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Identity Deduplication and Audit

It is hard to make identity deduplication and manage all accounts from a single point in IT infrastructures using heterogeneous systems. Particularly, as the number of UNIX, Linux and MAC platforms increases, it requires great efforts to manage them properly without causing any security gap.

Identity deduplication solutions make identity management simple by centralizing it and performing verifications centrally over Active Directory for users in different systems.  They also make it possible to create Single-Sign-On and central accessibility policies possible by integrating UNIX, Linux and MAC platforms into AD. Also, they perform authority management with role-based authorization and provide detailed reports with logging features.

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Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication solutions aim to enhance security level while accessing an application or corporate network by adding a second factor to standard password usage. We see the examples of these solutions that can be generally summarized as making authentication secure by combining “what you know” and “what you have” everywhere in our daily lives from cash withdrawal machines to one-time passwords in bank websites and mobile signature applications.

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