Static Code Analysis and Web Application Test Tool

The importance of secure software development concept is now well-understood and recognized as an element that reduces software development costs and time and increases software quality. It is the most effective way to prevent many security incidents that may arise during software use at their source, as well.

Static code analysis solutions examine source codes, identify security gaps and the reasons for such gaps, prioritize gaps and determines ways to be followed for their elimination. It allows code developers to obtain information about best practices. They can be used to examine all codes also including mobile applications.

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Web Application Security Test Tool

The purpose of the web application security test tool is to identify security gaps in applications quickly and error-free. One of the important criteria of the solution is that it supports all types of platforms such as AJAX and JavaScript.

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Application Performance Management

If you have a very distributed and dynamic application structure, the performance of this application may differ from day to day, even from hour to hour. The reasons behind this issue can be very different. Performance losses may be user-sourced, or they are caused because of a slow function in the application, the use of bandwidth for other purposes, or latency between the application and the database. The most reliable way to detect such failures is to monitor each transaction users make and derive performance metrics on end-to-end application, to make their analysis effective, and to determine where the problem can arise from machine learning.

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