Mobile Device Management /Secure Mobile Access

Solutions aiming to provide security in the mobile realm ensures use of e-mails, files and other sources containing sensitive data in and outside an organization without causing any security gap or data leakage. When devices owned by the organization or the user himself are lost, it prevents critical data contained therein ”from being acquired with a second authorization method.

Mobile device management (MDM), through mobile application and content management and secure mobile access solutions, makes it possible to manage smart devices according to organizational security policies and use different security levels and policies based on location effectively.

In addition, with Enterprise Mobile Security solutions, it is possible to protect your organization and enterprise resources from rooted or compromised devices, threats that may arise from phishing or mobile applications with machine learning-based measures.

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Mobile Data Classification

When classified data within an organization must be carried on to mobile devices, different classification labels and policies must be in place. Therefore, data classification solution used must provide support also for mobile devices.

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Data Leakage Prevention for Mobile Devices

End-to-end protection is achieved once all rules defined on the data leakage prevention solution (DLP) are in place in every environment in which data travels and is carried. Even a single gap at a single point may make all precautions ineffective. Therefore, the DLP solution used must also provide support for mobile devices.

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