Detect and Manage the Actual Risk!

Cyber Risk Management

The Problem

Risk and vulnerability management is a challenging process that requires resource, time and continuous follow-up!

Known vulnerabilities still comprise 99% of all known exploit traffic, malware, ransomware and exploit kits target vulnerabilities that are on average 6 months and older.

Bizzy enables you to aggregate, prioritize and track vulnerabilities so that you can focus on what matters most.

Failure to ensure continuity of inventory tracking

  • Constantly changing inventory and complicated network structures
  • Struggle to discover new services and hosts automatically
  • Unable to track the change of asset properties (e.g. OS, services, applications, etc.)

Insufficient Vulnerability Data

  • Failure to compile penetration test results and acquire combined data on similar vulnerabilities from different sources
  • Failure to correlate code analysis results
  • Inadequate cyber threat data

Lack of Prioritization

  • Poor visualization of vulnerabilities
  • Lack of correlation between threat , asset, incident and vulnerability
  • Unrealistic risk scoring

Insufficient Vulnerability Tracking Process

  • Failure to assign vulnerabilities to the right asset owner
  • Failure to track and measure the whole process
  • Inadequacies in assigning the required tasks automatically

Insufficient Management Capabilities

  • Difficulty in scoring the risks for top management
  • Failure to assess the risk tendency
  • Unable to track, visualize and analyse in single pane of glass
  • Lack of human resources for mundane manual tasks
  • Lack of process performance assessment

The Solution

It is no longer enough to know the vulnerabilities in your IT systems.

The real need is the ability to prioritize the risks in a timely manner and take actions to mitigate them!

By combining its over a decade expertise in security audit and penetration testing with its software development capability, Biznet Bilişim has developed BIZZY, the next-generation risk and vulnerability management platform that identifies your organization’s actual risks based on asset criticality and relevant threat intelligence information.
Bizzy enables you to aggregate, prioritize and track vulnerabilities so that you can focus on the real threats, fast!

Threat Intelligence



Vulnerability Management

Aggregation & Prioritization

Incident Management

Key Business Benefits of BIZZY

  • Cyber risk visibility & tracking
  • Manage cyber risks effectively
  • Focus on real threats
  • Save time and human resources
  • Track and measure agility



  • Nessus®
  • Qualys®
  • Burp Suite®
  • Nmap®
  • OpenVAS®
  • Nexpose®


  • Manual penetration test results
  • Security audit results
  • Code review results


  • Brand tracking
  • Phishing Domain tracking
  • Data leakage
  • Local threat intelligence feeds
  • Global threat intelligence feeds


  • SIEM (Qradar ®, ArcSight ®)
  • CMDB
  • ITSM tools

BIZZY Features


  • Riskmeter
  • Process performance
  • Performance metrics

Threat Intelligence

  • Domain, brand and breach tracking
  • Local threat intelligence feeds
  • Global threat intelligence feeds


  • Task management
  • Ticket life-cycle tracking
  • SLA management


  • Asset inventory and management
  • Scanner management
  • Manual finding ingestion
  • Prioritization
  • Aggregation
  • Local vulnerability database


  • Scanning Tools
  • SIEM
  • CMDB
  • ITSM

Local Vulnerability Database

  • Access to Biznet’s own vulnerability database.

Penetration Testing Knowledgebase

  • Access to detailed methods for vulnerability scanning and penetration testing.