In 2016, Convention for the Protection of Individuals with regard to Automatic Processing of Personal Data was accepted formally by Turkish Government on 18.02.2016 as a consequence of rising needs of the society and EU harmonization process. Following that, Law on Protection of Personal Data No: 6698 which is drafted based on EU Directive No: 95/46/EC’s was legislated. The Law was published on Official Gazette on 07.04.2016 and come into force at the same day.

The purpose of the law is to protect fundamental rights and freedoms of individualswhen their data is processed by individuals or legal entities, and it sets fundamental principles for data processing, addresses data security issues and transfer of data to third parties, and determines the rights of the data subjects and obligations of the data controllers.

Each institution that processes customer or employee data are subject to this law. Considering that financial institutions and enterprises work with large number of customers and suppliers, maintaining data protection and privacy arises as an important yet very hard topic to achieve.

With its vast technical experience on data privacy and protection, Biznet Bilisim provides consultancy services, required security solutions, and technical support for building the secure infrastructure needed for complying with the law. Taking the legal perspective into account, Biznet Bilisim offers end-to-end solutions for the best customer-oriented technical measures. It is our main purpose to help our customers to comply with the law without having to pay monetary fines.