In modern world, 75% of applications are web applications that include critical implementations such as banking and e-government websites. It is crucial that these applications helping organizations save from time and money are user-friendly, always accessible, high-performing and “secure”.

The importance of the secure software development concept is now well-understood and recognized as an element that reduces software development costs and time and increases software quality. It is the most effective way to prevent many security incidents that may arise during software use at their source, as well.

Biznet Bilisim provides consulting services to organizations for creation of a “Secure Software Development Lifecycle”. With the awareness that it is necessary to create a layer of security once application development is underway, source code analysis are performed to ensure both accessibility and security of an application, and performance is analyzed through load tests. Also, security gaps in existing applications are identified through security tests.

In addition, “Secure Code Development Trainings” are held to ensure that software development teams possess required knowledge and consider security factor at all times.