It has become the primary requirement for all institutions to effectively protect networks, systems and data against increasingly complex cyber threats.

Biznet Bilişim provides “scalable”, flexible and easily adoptable services through its Cyber ​​Security Operations Center (CSOC) that can be shaped to the Cyber ​​Security needs of different public and private sector institutions.

These services also cover to the responsibilities of the “Cyber ​​Incident Response Teams: CIRT”s for monitoring the systems of cyber security of public institutions and critical infrastructure sectors published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Turkey in June and November 2013.

By analyzing the needs of the company, Biznet Bilişim can provide the necessary technologies and services on 7 days / 24 hours basis.

In this context, the following services are provided:

  • 7/24 real time monitoring, alarm and analysis
  • Threat intelligence
  • Vulnerability management service
  • Security devices management
  • Event response
  • Reporting and improvement
  • CSOC activity analysis

In addition, Biznet Bilişim provides consultancy services to the organizations that want to establish CSOC, which provides an important infrastructure in the prevention of cyber attacks, within their own premises. The Security Operations Center should not be treated as a one-time project, but a life-cycle, and it should always be up-to-date and improved in accordance with the needs of the organization and changes in threats. Biznet Bilişim helps organizations to establish and manage “Cyber ​​Security Operation Center” by providing various services during the design and operation of the system.

By providing a “CSOC Activity Analysis” service to organizations that have already established their own CSOC or been providing services in this area, they can check how effectively the system works and the competency of the steps followed in an attack.