Data Leakage Prevention (DLP) solutions offer the necessary technological infrastructure to organizations that desire to protect critical information or prevent data leakage and also are required to comply with various standards and laws. In addition, there are several solutions to apply a sound data classification in organizations. However, many organizations using these solutions do not have net guidelines as to how critical data will be identified and classified and how data security will be achieved. This poses an obstacle for effective use of chosen solutions.

In fact, the important point to be conscious of is that what determines the success of DLP and classification practices is the methodology followed and also policies employed while using these products. With its consulting service, Biznet Bilisim transfers the knowledge base necessary for creating this methodology and determining correct policies and thus adds an important value in effective use of DLP and classification solutions.  This approach makes it possible to address data security as a whole and a road map is determined to be followed in preventing data leakage starting from the classification.