Industrial Control Systems (ICS / SCADA – Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition), are intensively used in energy and natural gas infrastructure, water supply, health systems, rail transportation infrastructure, air traffic control systems, defence industry infrastructure, critical infrastructure such as nuclear plants and production facilities and the “security” concept of these systems must be also taken into account in design and operation. In possible scenarios where such systems are damaged or become inoperable, it is most likely to have catastrophic tangible and intangible damages.

Biznet Bilişim offers comprehensive services to ensure the security of ICS / SCADA systems by utilizing its experience in cyber security area. Our experienced team knows that any security analysis on these systems would require versatile and careful steps.  In this context, our services would be as follows:

Vulnerability tests: Scanning and reporting vulnerabilities on the infrastructure with minimal knowledge on the systems from a malicious user’s point of view. The scope of these tests are all components that can originate potential leaks to ICS / SCADA network. In addition, all ICS / SCADA components can be subjected to the penetration test.

Configuration Audits: Audits on configurations of security and continuity of ICS / SCADA infrastructure components from a system administrator’s point of view.

Process Audits: Audits on operational processes from a security perspective. Under this audit, key processes such as change management, log management, capacity management, physical security, human resources security processes are reviewed according to industry-accepted standards such as NIST SP800-82, ISO 27019, ISO 27001.

Physical Controls: Control rooms that serve critical functions within the infrastructure, datacenters and the overall physical security measures are reviewed according to best practice examples.

EPDK (Energy Market Regulatory Authority) Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Information Security Regulation Compliance Services: Consultancy services are provided to ensure that institutions are in compliance with the regulation in terms of preparation of inventory, risk analysis and risk action plans.

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