Identity and access management systems are the most important tools that enable implementation of application security policies. Apart from security and compliance, these solutions also offer important functions in operational efficiency and productivity.

Since applications enable users to have structural access to and process raw data and carry out organizational processes, accessing them without any control constitutes a security gap for organizations. Therefore, it should be managed who, why, how and when to access which application. Organizations that see security gaps arising from application access as a threat desire to create policies countering these gaps and use measures implementing these policies. Identity and access management solutions step in at this stage of application security. However, it is quite difficult to use these solutions effectively without project-designing, consulting and development services offered by experts. Biznet Bilisim has been providing its customers all services needed in Identity, Access and Role Management for the last 10 years.

In Biznet Bilisim, Identity Management has been a separate field of operation since 2006 and has the largest team in this field in Turkey.


security-icon Biznet Bilisim has a team of consultants that have broad project experience..

security-icon It offers a total solution from consulting to support.

security-icon Its projects in Turkey that have the largest identity number have become a success story.

security-icon Biznet Bilisim has partaken as a subcontractor in the first Identity Management Project in Turkey.

security-icon It has delivered the first Role Management Project in Turkey.

security-icon It possess various technologies in the Identity Management domain: It has developed over 40 custom connectors including IDM, SSO, LDAP, Role Management, RBAC, etc.

security-icon Biznet Bilisim’s Identity Management Team has partaken in several major projects in large organizations.