Information Security Management means that an organization’s individual needs are identified with a systematic approach and that appropriate precautions are accordingly taken and maintained. Contrary to popular belief, information security is not handled only with its technological dimension.  In addition to technical precautions, there are administrative, legal and organizational processes and procedures to follow up and perform. The ISO 27001 standard is an internationally recognized standard that addresses the matter from all dimensions and guides creation of an appropriate Information Security Management System (ISMS).
ISMS Consulting offered by Biznet Bilisim is based on the ISO 27001 standard and defines all necessary steps to set up, monitor and improve an appropriate ISMS in a short time with concerted efforts carried out with the organization within the framework of Biznet Bilisim’s expertise. Systems so installed are made ready for an audit.


In overall, our consulting services include determination of scope of the ISMS, gap analysis, risk analysis, preparation of system documentation, preparation of Statement-of-Applicability, information security awareness trainings and internal audit steps. Also, system improvement and development services are offered. Organizations can make use whole or part of these services and set up an effective ISMS in a short time by saving from time and effort.

While providing consulting services, Biznet Bilisim uses the ISMart Information Security Management System Software developed by Biznet that facilitates implementation of all steps envisaged by the ISO 27001 standard and the monitoring work after the system is set up. This software shortens the time of all work processes and steps envisaged by the standard.