Data is the pure raw form of information and an essential asset that must be protected. Protection of data in all media in which it is stored, processed and transmitted constitutes the basis of information security. Biznet Bilisim offers a large number of technologies and products to ensure end-to-end data security.


Network Security solutions include the oldest and long-established technologies and products in information security realm. A holistic network security approach requires use of different and/or integrated solutions aiming to increase protection, detection, analysis and network efficiency. Biznet Bilisim offers project-designing, setup and configuration and maintenance services for such products with its technical experts that hold international certificates.


Apparently, mobile devices that are being increasingly used in work life provides both employees and companies with increased productivity and benefits such as ability to work and access resources in any medium on the go. However, “mobile security solutions” are needed to use these devices according to company security policies, control which of the resources users can access and how, and protect against rapidly increasing threats in the mobile realm. Biznet Bilisim offers different products and technologies to ensure mobile security.


Identity and access management systems are the most important tools that enable implementation of application security policies. Apart from security and compliance, these solutions also offer important functions in operational efficiency and productivity.


Access management, i.e., properly determining and monitoring which user will access which systems with which authority is one of the fundamental components of information security. With this approach, users will access organizational systems within their authorities using powerful verification methods, which will eliminate many threats. Biznet Bilisim offers products and technologies needed in the field.


Biznet Bilisim offers services and complementary products for application security at every stage of the “Secure Software Development Lifecycle” it has created.


There are a series of legal and internal regulations that must be adhered to by organizations to manage organizational risks and ensure IT governance and security. Some examples are the ISO 27001 standard, Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), BARA Communique for Principles, and ITCA Electronic Communication Security Regulation. Biznet Bilisim also provides the following products in addition to various services offered for compliance with these standards.


Biznet Bilisim has used its software development capability in the field of expertise and developed complementary and practical original products in areas related to information security.  We have increased our means of enriching and diversifying our service capacity and quality thanks to our software development capability and the products we have developed.