SignArt is an e-signature platform developed by Biznet Bilisim and allows e-signing from applications in compliance with international standards. Customers are satisfied with Signart thanks to both its technical infrastructure and the support provided.SignArt enables users to e-sign from a common and simple interface for HSM, smart card and mobile signature. All of the three operators (Avea, Turkcell and Vodafone) are supported in use of mobile signature.

SignArt has several areas of use. For example;

  • Banks that want to use e-signature for strong identification, or transaction and contract signing purposes
  • Municipalities providing e-city services
  • Government agencies providing e-government services
  • E-commerce companies needing signed order confirmations
  • Project offices producing and signing large project documents (construction projects, electrical designs, architectural drawings, etc.)
  • Companies signing contracts with customers
  • Insurance companies that want to receive signed applications and forms over Internet
  • Companies that want to receive signed documents (expense form, leave form, service request form, etc.)
  • Companies required to have their employees sign pay stubs
  • Hospitals that want to use e-signature for strong identification or web-based applications


ribbon-icon User authentication procedures

ribbon-icon Signing of all file and document types such as Word, Excel, Text file, Mp3, etc.


ribbon-icon Signing of documents in XML format such as e-invoice and e-prescription


ribbon-icon Signing of PDF documents


SignArt supports signature types defined by international standards.

You can easily put your e-transformation projects into effect with SignArt that operates smoothly and efficiently.

For more information about Signart you can contact with our experts!