The role of employees is vital to ensure information security in an organization. Several precautions you may take in the technical infrastructure may become ineffective if your employees do not embrace the rules of appropriate use. Whereas, minor changes that will be made in daily working habits of employees and some details that will be added to business processes may contribute to the organizational security level greatly. Raising an organization-wide information security awareness, adopting a common risk and protection notion and ensuring that every employee understand the value of his/her contribution are the important steps toward ensuring information security.

All organizations that value information security and strive to conform to security standards (ISO 27001, PCI DSS, COBIT, ITIL, SOME, etc.) must organize user awareness programs at certain intervals.  The success of these programs depends on their continuity and their impact on end users.

Information security services offered by Biznet Bilisim include the information security awareness training program. This program includes awareness raising seminars and e-learning content targeting all employees of an organization. In addition, other complementary activities such as visual designs, infographics, videos, and slogan use, etc. are provided.


The role of employees has a great role to ensure credit card security in an organization. The employees should know and pay attention to the security requirements of PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) in order to guarantee secure storage, transfer and processing of credit card information.

In order to comply with the articles 9.9 and 12.6 of PCI DSS, the organization should inform its employees about the importance of credit card security and measures to be taken. PCI DSS Awareness Training responds to this requirement with its comprehensive content.

It is possible to provide these trainings either class-based or in e-learning format.


The importance of the secure software development concept is now well-understood and recognized as an element that reduces software development costs and time and increases software quality.  It is the most effective way to prevent many security incidents that may arise during software use at their source, as well. Biznet Bilisim provides “Secure Code Development Trainings” to ensure that software development teams possess required knowledge and consider security factor at all times.

This traning includes potential security risks and inaccurate coding examples as well as secure coding methods and is provided for ASP.NET and JAVA programming languages.