Biznet Bilisim was founded in 2000 in Ankara, Turkey to create solutions for corporate users’ information security requirements.

Our goal since our inception has been to create solutions to secure the most valuable asset of organizations – the information – against any threat and create the big picture of information security. Today, we have a significant portfolio of products and services that include all pieces of the big picture of Information Security.


Biznet Bilisim offers;

Project designing and installation,


Test and audit services in network and

Information security to corporate customers. 

One of our important assets is our capability of enriching and diversifying our service capacity and quality thanks to our software development capacity and the original products we have developed.


biznet Biznet Bilisim offers and provides technical support for products of the world’s leading information security companies. We have high-order collaboration contracts with prominent vendors.

biznet Biznet Bilisim is the only Turkish company authorized by the PCI Council as an Auditor (ASV).

biznet Biznet Bilisim’s expertise in Identity and Access Management has ensured the success of several substantive projects and enabled easy management of millions of identities in leading organizations in Turkey.



biznet With our R&D activities, we develop innovative solutions against cyber threats that are crucial nation-wide.

biznet In 2011, Mr. Faruk Eczacibasi invested in Biznet Bilisim and became the major shareholder. In 2018, he bought all the shares.

biznet With over 80 employees, Biznet Bilisim is headquartered in Ankara and has a Branch Office in Istanbul.


To create integrated, effective and sustainable solutions to secure the most valuable asset of organizations – the information – against cyber threats.


To produce innovative and leading solutions and thus to make a difference and become a global brand.


interstate-icon Reliability

interstate-icon Embracing the Work

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interstate-icon Positive Communication

interstate-icon Technical Expertise


biznet “Together” We are Strong! When we combine our talents, we create original and innovative solutions that are not possible for others to achieve.

biznet We are respectful, fair and sensitive!  This is how we treat and approach ourselves, customers, business partners, the society and nature.

biznet We are positive, constructive and solution-oriented!  We do not focus on “why impossible”, but “how to solve”.

biznet We are engaged and a high achiever! We do not hesitate to share our favorable views and suggestions.

biznet We think simple!  We overcome complexities with simple approaches.

biznet We are fun!  We love to pep our work environment and make our everyday productive and enjoyable.

biznet We establish open dialog!  We approach each other and our business partners with clarity and honesty and listen to understand.

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